Meet the Bloggers

This semester, firstfloorcherry is written in collaboration between the English Office student workers. Throughout each semester, we will inform and transform your mind. No, we won’t. I just wanted to use assonance. But we will inform you, using the wit English majors are known for (sometimes).

As we learn about opportunities to become more active in English, we will share them with you. We’ll also be finding and sharing other interesting tidbits along the way, and maybe even…opinions. Duh duh duuuuhhh.

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Meet the crew:

Group fall 2017-edited-cropped 2.0

Caroline “Atticus-Is-Bae” Mason –Β Caroline is your main blogger for the foreseeable future. With her concentration in creative writing, she is totally stereotypical English major that loves coffee shops, rain, and sappy quotes, but she wears it proudly. If you come into the office, you’ll probably see her snacking on double chocolate chip Subway cookies because, seriously, they can make any day better.

Collin “What-Is-The-Meaning-Of-Life” Massie – Collin is a bit of a wild card. He commutes to campus every morning with his large iced coffee, N’SYNC blaring from the speakers, and often finds himself thinking about how Timberlake would be a fantastic name for a woodsy getaway. This idea is just one of many that qualifies Collin as our official English Major for out-of-the-box ideas.

Bailey “Don’t-Be-Illiterate” Cooke – Our only non-English major, Bailey is a freshman majoring in photojournalism. She may look mean or irritated at times, but she’s undoubtedly only just thinking about shoes or cookies or, like many other college students, sleep. Ask her anything and she ‘ll do whatever she can to help, considering she probably doesn’t know the answer.

We look forward to spending the semester with you! Be sure to hit the follow button and tell all of your English-y pals!