Meet the Bloggers

This semester, FirstFloorCherry is written in collaboration between the English Office student workers. That’s right! We are going to keep you so ‘in the know!’

As we learn about opportunities to become more active in English, we will share them with you. We’ll also be finding and sharing other interesting tidbits along the way, so keep up!

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Meet the crew:crewforblog2017

Ben “No,-You’re-Wrong” Nally – Ben is the only person contributing to FirstFloorCherry who isn’t an English major. Ironic right? He’s graduating in May with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. He loves to travel, is a huge Coke drinker, and is not a morning person.Β  If you have any questions, he is happy to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Page “That-Needs-a-Comma” Harrison – Page is your primary writer this semester with help from the rest of the crew. She is a senior in the professional writing concentrationΒ who sometimes spends 20 minutes getting line spacing just right in Microsoft Word… but regularly forgets to eat breakfast.

Collin “What-Is-The-Meaning-Of-Life” Massie – Collin is a bit of a wild card. He commutes to campus every morning with his large iced coffee, N’SYNC (or any other genre known to man) blaring from the speakers, and often finds himself thinking about how Timberlake would be a fantastic name for a woodsy getaway. This idea is just one of many that qualifies Collin as our official English Major for out-of-the-box ideas.

We look forward to spending the semester with you! Be sure to hit the follow button and tell all of your English-y pals!