About Chelsea

My name is Chelsea McCarty and at the start of this semester I took over writing for the English Majors’ Weblog as part of an upper-level internship course. Since then, the blog has undergone the name change to First Floor Cherry. The name change evokes more of a casual hip-ness that I want the blog to have in order to increase student interest and involvement with the page.ย My goal is to ultimately have the page be a resource for English studentย involvement in the department. There are a great many awesome things happening here in the English Department thatย I want people to know about so that they can take advantage of them!

As for me, I am an English literature senior here at WKU and I’ll be graduating in May from the Honors College. I’ve been here four long years and, after four years, I must say I’ve begun to grow weary over theย sceneryย Bowling Green has to offer. Recently, though, I decided to become wilderness and I took up canoeing. That definitely brought some new perspective to Bowling Green. It’s really beautiful out on the surrounding rivers. Unfortunately, I drive a 4-door sedan and am limited on my canoe-carrying capacity.

I have studied abroad twice through WKU. My sophomore yearย I went to Harlaxton, as any good Honors student aspires to do. And my junior year I went to Cuba with the English Department’s faculty-lead study abroad program “Cuban Literature and Culture.” Traveling is enlightening, especially when you are able to tie-in your interests with your travels. This is the reason I chose to include photos from the various Study Abroad programs that are associated with the English Department. I want other students to see what they could be doing with their time here at WKU with the department!

I’m President of Sigma Tau Delta, an International English Honors Fraternity, and I’m Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. I’ve yet to decide what I’ll be doing after graduation, but I’ve certainly thoughtย hard about it. I hope you enjoy my blog posts and the information I relayย about the many opportunities the department has to offer. I won’t keep you anymore, but have a look around and leave a comment if you feel so inclined.


2 Responses to About Chelsea

  1. Hey, Chelsea. I interned for the blog in Fall 2014. I like what you did with the site. It looks great, and the name change is pretty refreshing. Good luck and do some good work now, ya hear?

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    • chelseamccarty says:

      Hi! Thanks for your comment and support! And don’t worry, we’ve archived the old site, so any work you did is still there! ๐Ÿ™‚


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