The Unofficially Official Guide to WKU Homecoming 2017

Homecoming n. | hohm-kuhm-ing |

An annual fall event that involves a heavy dose of nostalgia, high heels, parades, football, family, food, floats, and sappy Instagram posts

Ladies and gentlemen, this is high school no more. Welcome to WKU and Homecoming 2.0.

If this is your first year, buckle up and let the festivities beginโ€ฆ

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, we cannot just celebrate to celebrate. We need a theme. Hmmโ€ฆhomecoming, coming home, home, I like home, thereโ€™s no place like homeโ€ฆthatโ€™s it!

Whatโ€™s more appropriate than that? Wizard of Oz it is. Theme, check!

Grab your football jerseys and all you girls out there, put on some red lipstick and enjoy the glory that is WKU Homecoming.

Whether youโ€™re a part of the Greek scene or prefer to be a Roman, there is fun for everyone. So find your friends and your red towel because hereโ€™s the weekโ€™s schedule of events:


Friday (10/13)

5-6:30 PM- Homecoming Concert in the Park (Jordan English)

5 PM- WKU Homecoming Parade 2017

6:30 PM- Big Redโ€™s Roar 2017 (annual pep rally)

7 PM- Hilltopper Hysteria (meet-and-greet with the menโ€™s and womenโ€™s basketball teams)


Saturday (10/14)

11 AM-3 PM- WKU vs Charlotte Tailgate

3:30 PM- WKU Homecoming Football Game vs Charlotte 49ers


Sunday (10/15)

2 PM- Jim Wayne Miller Celebration of Writing (in the Kentucky Room of the Kentucky Museum and Library)

3 PM- WKU Choirs Homecoming Concert


Come one, come all support the TOPS and have some fun!

College is a special time for each one of us, so enjoy every crazy moment.

Traditionally, homecoming is a time when past students and their families return to relive and remember all the precious memories made during their time here. So, letโ€™s show โ€˜em that same olโ€™ WKU love and community theyโ€™ve known and loved for years.

Homework can wait, itโ€™ll still be there after all the festivities are past, unfortunately, but letโ€™s enjoy this awesome week and take advantage of all the cool options to be a part of!


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