Just DO IT!

Hello again all you English enthusiasts! I hope you’re having a wonderful week.

Here’s a head’s up of some amazing things coming up!

The WKU Herald has come up with a really neat way of bringing WKU students and members of the community together to share in something we all can appreciate and love, storytelling. So all you English majors, minors, readers, writers, public speakers, and human beings out there, listen up!

The project is called “Narrations” and the goal is for anyone who comes to feel comfortable to share a personal story on the specific topic for that night.

October 17 is the first meeting and The Herald hopes that many will come and join in on this really unique opportunity. The first theme or topic is all about traditions. You can take that in so many different directions, family traditions, holidays, weird traditions, the true meanings behind those traditions, and there are so many other ideas too!

They’ll meet in DSU Room 3020 at 7 p.m., so choose your best story and be ready to share it!

This is such a cool idea and I can’t wait to hear about its success!

If you’re interested, submit your best story for approval here.

So clear your throat, calm those butterflies, stand tall, and have FUN! Share a story that is meaningful to you. You just might learn something new or meet some really awesome people in the process.

You got this, so just DO IT!

Speaking of going outside your comfort zone…

The 2018 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival’s Writing Contests are now taking submissions!

This is a really big deal and there are so many different contests you can get involved in. There are separate contests for fiction, poetry, very short fiction, and one-act plays; there’s so much information available so take some time, do some research, and check all these out!

The prizes vary for each contest, but winning aside, this is invaluable experience for anyone looking to be published and get some practice in doing what they love best, writing!

As the late and great Ron Popeil said, “But wait, there’s more!”

The Saints and Sinners Festival, which is a LGBT literary festival is also accepting submissions, but the deadline is coming up super soon, it’s October 3. The grand prize winner gets $500 and a pretty cool opportunity to get some major name recognition.

Take a look at the guidelines and submit!

Seriously guys, seize every opportunity to do something like this! There’s no time like the present to hone your skills and grow as a writer, and you never know, you might win big!

Happy writing and good luck!


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