Donuts? Um Yes Please!

Happy Wednesday yโ€™all! Weโ€™ve made it to Hump Day and the weekend is within sight. That light at the end of the daunting, dreary, and depressingly long tunnel is now visible! We can do this!

As we power through the rest of the week let us come together and think of happier things like Subwayโ€™s chocolate chip cookies, unicorns dancing on fluffy clouds and DONUTS.

You know donuts, those delectable treats that are warm and soft and the glaze sticks to your fingers, and of course you lick them all in slow motion like youโ€™re starring in some kind of โ€˜80s commercial. Some even have chocolate or sprinkles on top while others have juicy and creamy fillingsโ€ฆok, yep I need a donut nowโ€ฆ

Anyways, in the Talisman last week, there was a very intriguing article that got a lot of buzz around campus.

Fellow English major Rachel Phelps put her taste buds to the test as she went to local favorite GADs (Great American Donut shop) and embarked on a journey her stomach will not soon forget.

Along with a few friends, she sampled all 35 types of donuts available at this fine establishment and ranked them according to her liking. I, personally, am very jealous that I missed out on what I can only imagine must have been an almost spiritual experience. However, after researching, judging, and positioning each donut in their respected placement on her list, many were up in arms over the results.

Controversy struck the university because many felt their favorites were not given the proper chance to succeed and perform to their best ability. Some took their frustrations online and made very clear that there are many differing opinions in regards to what exactly makes a donut great.

In these trying times in our nationโ€™s history, itโ€™s important that we make our opinions known about everything, just in case our viewpoint isnโ€™t understood, heard, or believed to be the majority and therefore the only opinion that stands as fact.

May we come together and discuss this!

What donut really IS the best?

May your taste buds choose wisely, and to all you donuts out there, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Check out Rachelโ€™s article and see if you agree with her findings!

Comment below your favorite donut!

But remember, we cannot let our differences divide us, unless you donโ€™t like donutsโ€ฆbecause then youโ€™re just crazy and nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life.


P.S. There is this super cool opportunity thatโ€™s popped up for you creative writers/writers/English majors/anybody out there! The U.Sโ€™s oldest undergraduate-run literary journal is looking to publish YOUR creative pieces! They are looking for anything fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, or maybe even a combination. The submission deadline is coming up though, itโ€™s October 1, so get your creative juices flowing and submit your best piece to be considered to be PUBLISHED. This is a huge deal for us English majors because, as we all know, name recognition and getting your stuff out there is VITAL. If nothing else, this could be good practice for future submissions and opportunities.

So, go for it! Put yourself out there and SUBMIT SOON!

Check out the specific submission guidelines.

Submit your works here!

Have a great week guys, and remember, if life gets you down…eat a donut!

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