We’re Baaack!

I know it’s a little late to be saying this, but…welcome back everybody!

With the convocation and everyone settling back into the new semester, we’ve all been pretty busy here in the English Department!

Thank you to all of you that made the 2017 Convocation such a huge success. We always love getting to hear from YOU and your experience as an English major here on the hill. It helps us all to refocus and remember our goals for the upcoming year.

It’s also a great reminder of all the many opportunities available for us both here in the community and abroad as we grow in our love of reading, writing, and teaching. Shout out to Dr. Hale and his extremely diligent staff, including yours truly, wink wink, for organizing and planning events like these. P.S. Keep those gourmet popsicles coming!

Speaking of shout outs…there have been so many super cool things happening lately!

#1 Talisman


As you know, the Talisman is the student-run organization that covers all kinds of topics, news, and tidbits from around campus. They recently set their sights on Cherry Hall and the new and innovative things that can be found in our…restrooms?

Yep, you read that right.

Here in Cherry Hall, the office staff came up with a super cool way to channel the creative minds of men and women while they feel inspired when using the restroom. You might’ve noticed the whiteboard material and dry erase markers attached to the back of each stall door. On them, you can see song lyrics, inspirational quotes, encouraging words, and the occasional details of…well, “struggle bus” trips.

Check out the rest of the article for more dirty details here

#2: Former student shines in big-time magazine


Here at WKU, everyone is family. We always love to hear about the successes of each and every graduate once they leave the classroom and go out to find their own path. We were so incredibly excited to read that our own Rachel Hoge published an article in Self Magazine! In it, she discusses her day-to-day issues with a very real and personal struggle that so many others share.

We are so proud of her progress, growth, and strength of character. She is such an inspiration for all of us!

Read the full piece here

When she’s not writing for big magazine, she’s recently started her own writer site/blog that she updates frequently.

Click here to check it out and give her some WKU love!

I’ll sign off for now, but check back soon because there’s always something exciting happening in Cherry Hall!


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