Submission Opportunity


Do you have a concern or passion for nature? Do you have a review on the industrial system? Chances are, if you do, it shows through in at least one or two of your written works. If this is the case, you could win $200 dollars and a shiny new line on your resume by submitting to win the Allen Miller Memorial Award for Writing on the Environment.

This award is established to ensure that writing on the environment will be honored at Western Kentucky University, and it will keep alive the memory of Alan Miller and his outstanding contributions to WKU.

Last year, when I heard about this award, I thought “I haven’t written about the environment lately” and shrugged it off. Finally, after further encouragement just before the deadline, I looked through my works and did in fact find that one of my papers met the (somewhat loose) criteria for submission. I submitted, and I won!

Now, I hope to be your encouragement to look through your archives and find out if anything you’ve written meets any one of these criteria in some way:

  • Emphasizes environmental issues
  • Exposes the presence of human beings and their role/impact in nature
  • Supports agrarianismβ€”promoting rural societies, the support of agricultural groups, and the significance of the farmer
  • Addresses the current state of the environment and how it can be improved, be it locally, nationally, or globally
  • Discusses the relationships that exist in conservation and spirituality in the human/non-human world
  • Offers a criticism of pro-industrial development and the damage of nature
  • Promotes strategies in maintaining environmental sustainability

View the full flyer for more.

Found something that works? Great! Submit it in CH 135 before or on April 14, 2017.

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