Choosing Courses Just Got Easier

Registration is coming April 10th and that means waking up very early to get the classes we want. Unless weΒ want to make some big decisions while still half asleep, we have to decide now which classes to take in the fall.

Don’t worry, research on the matter doesn’t have to be as intimidating as Henry Hardin:

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For instance, we at First Floor Cherry have discovered that there is a brand new class available in the fall taught by Dr. Jerod Hollyfield. The course, called Postcolonial Studies, promises to be worthwhile. From the syllabus:

“Given WKU’s focus on international reach and the increased importance of understanding the globalized economy and culture, a Postcolonial Studies course is a vital addition to our department’s already dynamic curriculum. Postcolonial Studies is an ideal framework to understanding many of the issues that are most pressing in the world today from the Israeli/Palestine conflict and War on Terror to immigration and Puerto Rican statehood. One of the primary teaching challenges I’ve faced in recent years is the rising popularity of internet literary theory, those “ism” words that are often part of cultural conversations but usually misused and misunderstood. Courses like this new offering will open opportunities for students to really grapple with these complicated concepts and apply them to their own identities.”

Whether you want to sharpen your cultural awareness in Postcolonial Studies or pick up that neededΒ survey course, the English department has you covered.

Stop by CH 135 to pick up the Selected English Department Course Descriptions booklet or view a copy now. Selected, of course, means that not all classes are included in the booklet, but if you want additional information on an upper-level course before taking the plunge, chances are it’s in there.

Good luck with registration FirstFloorCherry-ans!



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