Spring means Goldenrod!

Goldenrod– more than an allergy-inducing plant or the state flower of Kentucky– is also the English Club’s yearly poetry festival. Goldenrod is a chance for you to show off your stuff and to learn from other poets.

Goldenrod 2016 Finalists

2016 Finalists

All students are welcome to submit their own original works of poetry. The top ten poets participate in a private workshop with a visiting poet, who also gives a reading during the Festival.

Last year’s poet was Gary McDowell, who we conducted a full-length interview with.

The year before that, the visiting poet was Silas House who was present via Skype.

goldenrod (2)

Students may submit up to five poems of no more than 150 lines before March 31, 2017. After submissions are turned in, the English club will narrow the poems down to ten finalists. The poems will then be submitted to a guest poet for final judging. The guest poet provides all ten finalists with a workshop and focuses specifically on their submitted works.

Senior Sara Ann Alexander has been a finalist twice and has this to say:

“It helped me get through the ‘imposter syndrome.’ First, getting to hear from artists who are experts in a craft I admire– a craft I love to read, write, and study– was immense. Knowing I was afforded the opportunityΒ  because of the selection from a jury of my peers, who I somehow resonated with about such personal topics, also helped me connect to my WKU writing community.”

The main event will take place on April 17, 2017, with more details forthcoming.

The Goldenrod Poetry Festival is hosted by the English Club and questions can be directed to their email.

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