Free Screening and Q/A Session for “An Uncommon Grace”

We all love movies. It’s ingrained in our very nature as Americans–nay, humans.Β So when one finds out that there is an opportunity for a free screening of a movie, one wouldn’t typically ask too many questions before they’re there, enjoying the show.

Or is that just me? Either way.

An Uncommon GraceΒ is a movie currently airing on the Hallmark channel. It was recently filmed in the nearby rural counties we all know and love, Hart and Barren. See this film at a free public screening next week at the Historic Plaza Theatre.


The public screening will be on Saturday, March 25, at 4 p.m. But anyone who’s serious about life should come beforehand for the discussion and Q/A panel at 2 p.m. with some of those involved in the making of the film. It will be hosted by WKU’s very own Amy Bingham DeCesare!

We all need a break from our classwork. Yes, even the week after Spring Break. Is a week really enough?

There are not many ways you can go wrong with choosing to enjoy your Saturday night at the Historic Plaza Theatre.

Watch a trailer for the film here.

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