Are you ready to graduate?

“And what do you plan to do after graduation?” – too many people

“Graduation is closer than you think” – Cherry Hall bathroom stall door

What are you going to do with that degree, teach?” – every stranger I mention my major to (and aunt Judy for the 5th time this year)


Don’t worry. Liberal Arts careers aren’t nearly as scarce as your aunt June makes them out to be.

If you’re looking to graduate soon, or even if you’re not, attend the Potter College Liberal Arts Career Fair, Wednesday, March 22, from 12pm – 3pm in Downing Student Union on the 3rd Floor, if only to help fight the myth that your hard work is going to earn you the spot of top barista.

Hosted byΒ The Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD), the fair will help you explore possible career paths and talk with employers who have openings for co-op, internship, full-time, part-time, and summer positions.Β  The job fair will also feature information on some Kentucky graduate school programs.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of it:

Start early in thinking about and preparing for the transition from school to career
Volunteer, co-op, internship, part-time, and summer positions are all available to help your build your skills, build your professional network, and build opportunities for life #AfterWKU.

Research the employers participating and the jobs available
See what employers are coming and what they need. Show up early to ensure you get to speak to employers who may leave early.

Make use of the CCPD’s “Walk-In” service
Every day, you can go inΒ without an appointmentΒ to receive a quick resume review, or have your career questions answered. Take a selfie with your career coach to show aunt Judith how prepared you are.

Schedule an appointment with a Rachel Jones, a Professional Development Specialist
The CCPD has Professional Development Specialists available to help you prepare for your future by planning your career path carefully, and by helping you get the additional experience you need to be successful in your field when you graduate.

Rachel Jones is the Career Coach and local aunt Janice defense specialist for Potter College of Arts and Letters!

p.s ask your professor if they will accept extra credit πŸ˜‰

Good luck out there future graduates, and remember that we here at FirstFloorCherry have your back against all the aunt Lindas out there.


If you have questions, contactΒ The Center for Career & Professional Development,

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