Film Uses Original Shooting Technique in Cherry Hall

Alright, guys. So there’s this film called โ€œThe Reignโ€ that actually filmed a scene in our very own Cherry Hall! I know; thatโ€™s pretty awesome.

And our very own professor, Ted Hovet, was the location manager for the film. Not to mention there were a number of English minors on the cast and crew.

To make it even more awesome, it was IndieWireโ€™s Project of the Month in April of last year. Having achieved that honor, it now is up for the vote for IndieWireโ€™s Project of the Year for 2016!

The film itself actually shows off an amazing new way to shoot films. Seriously, itโ€™s legit.

Itโ€™s an original technique where they hide GoPro cameras in strategic locations around the shoot. This makes it ideal for actors who donโ€™t want a giant honking camera staring them in the face, pulling them out of character every time they see it in the corner of their eye.


This way, actors donโ€™t have to pretend they donโ€™t see a camera. They actually donโ€™t see it!

Itโ€™s so simple, but (dare I say it?) genius. Yes, I dare.

When asked about the filmโ€™s goals, co-director Alberto Marenco said:

โ€œWe want people to come out of this understanding the importance of thinking for yourself, of how education should give you tools to better analyze the world around you, and make informed decisions, as opposed to just passing generic tests that assure you fit some prefabricated mold. Even our method of shooting with GoPros hidden in the sets speaks to that.โ€

Co-director William S. Goldstein said:

โ€œWe want to make a film that tackles the issue of education innovation in a new and groundbreaking way. Our hope is that the film will inspire a dialogue about the U.S. education system and how it can be improved for studentsโ€™ benefit.โ€

Not only are the methods groundbreaking, but also the filmโ€™s focus being the education systemโ€” as a college student, I can say itโ€™d be a very engaging subject to delve into.

Share some love for those who helped make this film, and for the film itself, and vote today before 11 p.m. here.

Itโ€™s fighting a good fight in the competition and your vote could send it to the winnerโ€™s place!

If you want to see a behind-the-scenes video (which includes the scene in Cherry Hall, by the way) or check out some other stuff related to the film go here.

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