Love words? Join the club!

So we all love our semester-ly book sale don’t we? 50 cents a book is a dream come true for a broke college student who loves to read. So who are the masterminds who have tapped into our very souls? The English Club of course!

No doubt you have heard of the English Club, but in order to bring you the most current information about how you can get involved, FirstFloorCherry sat down with Vice President, and resident nice person, Venesa Hill.

FFC: What is the English Club?

VH: Above all, English Club is about building a eng_club_meetingscommunity among lovers of literature. Our main focus is to establish a space where anyone is free to speak of what they love about the written word. A second aspect of our club is the experience that it provides to like-minded individuals. We plan events that are heavily literature-based, and that isΒ  something that many people enjoy.

FFC: What are some possible English Club activities to get involved in?eng-club-book-sale-2016

VH: English Club provides networking opportunities simply through being in the club and helping with events. The club is in charge of a book sale that is held once a semester in the Robert Penn Warren room. Help is always welcome from members to run the book sale, and often times people work 30 minute shifts. It is from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. And I mean, if you help with the book sale you get first pick of the books!

Another large event our club is responsible for is the Goldenrod Poetry Festival. Anyone can submit poems, and our officers and club members help narrow down to a top ten. The top ten will get to workshop with the guest poet and they decide the winner!Β  I currently do not have dates for either of these, but when I do I can definitely get that information out.

FFC: When are your meeting dates?


VH: As of now our dates are February 2nd, February 20th, March 6th, March 20th, April 3rd, April 17th, and our potluck will most likely be May 3rd. We meet every other Monday at 4:30 p.m. in the student lounge (CH 124 next to the Writing Center).

FFC: Do students need to attend each meeting to participate?

VH: Being at meetings is not mandatory to be in English Club. We recognize that people have things to do when we have meetings. So if someone wants to still be involved with English Club they can feel free to email either myself ( or our secretary Savannah ( and one of us can add them to the English Club email list. This means they will be kept in the loop of everything we are doing at the meetings.

There you have it, folks! See you at the next meeting! Follow FirstFloorCherry for more up-to-date info on friends of the English Department.

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