Get Published!

Listen upΒ aspiring writers! It is time to come out of our dark, reclusive writing dens to share what we’ve got with the world!

This could be the moment when, 60 years from now, in your Victorian style library, filled to the brim with books, you look down at your grandchildren, as they gaze up at your wise and gentle face, and you fondly recount that your rise to authorial fame started right here.

If you’ve got some short stories, poems, one or more novellas, or a short novel that you’ve just felt that the world needs to see because of its inherent and undeniable awesomeness (Oh, come on. We’ve all got at least a couple hidden gems stuck in our hard drive), check out these contests and submit your work.

If you don’t have any finished works that you’re fond of, that’s fine. Stock up on some coffee, roll out that rolly chair, and see where your brain takes you!

The winner of each respective competition will receive publication of their work(s) andΒ a standard royalty contract. Oh, and there’s $2,000 for each winner. But we don’t care about money as much as the joy of writing, right?



Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction

Read more and submit βŒͺ

Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry

Read more and submit 〉


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