How to Show Your Smarts at The 47th Annual WKU Student Research Conference – Update w/ workshop dates.

Do you have a passion for your subject? An idea that you just can’t stop talking about? Well, don’t stop talking about it! Share your smarts with the campus community at the 47th Annual WKU Student Research Conference.


Participating in this long-held WKU tradition not only looks great to a future employer, but also provides you with skills that will positively impact your career. Conferences expose you to the type of setting that you may experience in graduate school or as a professional and gives you practice in public speaking. Here are five simple steps to follow to show off your awesome work.

1. Learn what the Student Research Conference actually is.

The WKU Student Research Conference and campus-wide REACH (Research Experiences and Creative Heights) activities spotlight scholarly activity at WKU each spring.fullsizerender-11

The 2016 conference featured 377 student presenters. Student participants represented diverse disciplines from 34 departments, programs, and institutes in all colleges.

This year’s conference will feature a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture focusing on the civic responsibilities of knowledge from Dr. Karen Oates (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) that is free and open to the community.

2. Figure out if you are eligible.

Students, both undergraduate and graduate, from any discipline are encouraged to submit. If you graduated in December, you are happily still eligible to submit, as long as your work was completed when you were a student.

3. Decide what to submit.

Submission calls for original research or creative activities that can be molded into oral papers, posters, exhibits, displays, demonstrations, performances, or video. These submissions should have been faculty-mentored, meaning that a faculty member is familiar with your work and is willing to sign for you to share it with the campus community.

4. Submit an abstract.

Not sure what an abstract is? Ask your professor and/or attend a free workshop called “How to Write an Abstract” on Tuesday, February 7th at 5pm.

Submit your abstract of no more than 200 words on the Student Research Council website by Friday, February 17th.

5.  Attend a workshop.

There will be optional workshops to help get ready for the conference and other workshops will be scheduled to precede the conference. The workshops are ideal for students planning to present at our conference or any professional meeting. Here is an updated list of workshops:

How to Write an Abstract
Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 5:00 pm
Honors College and International Center room 2007

How to Visualize Research Data
Friday, February 17, 2017, 11:30 am
Grise Hall room 236

How to Make a Poster
Monday, February 27, 2017, 4:00 pm
Honors College and International Center room 2007

How to Give a Talk
Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 11:30 am
Honors College and International Center room 3005

6. (Get accepted) and ATTEND!

The conference itself is on Saturday, March 25 on the Bowling Green campus in the Downing Student Union.


In the meantime, congratulate yourself on working towards your goals and wait for your acceptance letter to hear more details.

Why not use your abstract and prepared presentation to also enter the 2017 Streamlines Conference at Clarke University?

Learn more on the Student Research Council website, and be sure to follow firstfloorcherry for more opportunities to share what you have learned.

If you have participated in a conference before, leave a comment and share a piece of advice!

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