Closing reflections, sadness, etc.

HeaderΒ photo by Sally Jean Wegert, talented goddess and Talisman art director

Happy winter break, Hilltoppers!!! Congratulations on completing the fall 2016 semester on the hill.

That also means the day has come. The saddest day of all time full of sadness and tears and more sadness. Yes, that’s right; the time has come for us to part ways.

However, just because I’ll be gone doesn’t mean First Floor Cherry’s going anywhere. Remember to subscribe and follow the blog to make sure you get updates for next semester! Though the torch remains to be officially passed on, First Floor Cherry will still be your #1 source for English department updates and happenings.

As for me, ifΒ you wanna keep up with myΒ work, you can always check out wkutalisman.comΒ or the newly released Talisman Magazine.

And of course, I’ll be around here, too.

Thanks for reading.

Love always n forever,

— ya girl HG

p.s. HEY WAIT!

Please take a minute to fill out this survey to tell us how we did this semester! We wanna know how we can make First Floor Cherry even better.

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One Response to Closing reflections, sadness, etc.

  1. Tomitha says:

    It’s been a pleasure having you as our Most Highly Esteemed Blogger this semester, Hannah!


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