English Internship Opportunities: Deadline extended!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the first few weeks of registration reeling about the future: What classes should I take? Will I graduate on time? Should I change my configuration of majors and minors right now in the Spring of my sophomore year? (Seriously — I did that). We have some good news that might make these decisions a little easier.

Did you know that the English Department offers internships each semester?

English internships as part of the 3 credit hour ENG 369 and 389 courses are a great opportunity to gain real, concrete experience in the English field. And guess what — you’re in luck! The deadline to apply for these internships has been extended to Monday, Nov. 14 at noon.


The internships available are:

  1. English 299 Teaching Assistant — Assist Dr. Lewis or Dr. Langdon in such tasks as helping with in-class activities, selecting literary readings, and modeling  class assignments. 8-12 hours per week, including time in class
  2. Department of Engineering: Story Harvester — Collaborate with Professor Ellis, professor of engineering, to identify and collect interesting stories about WKU Engineering then craft those stories into articles for print, web, and social media. Other related tasks may involve collecting photography and video content. 8-12 hours per week
  3. Department of English Profile Writer — Collaborate with Dr. Hale and other members of the Department of English to build a library of English alumni, faculty, staff, and current student profiles. This internship is particularly well-suited for students looking to gain experience with interviewing and journalistic writing. 8-12 hours per week
  4. First Floor Cherry English Department Weblog — Collaborate with Ms. Blair, Department of English Office Associate and all-around cool lady, to generate consistent blog content and coordinate social-media coverage and outreach, among other tasks. That’s right, fam, you’re losing me come December. Will YOU be the bright, lovely soul to accept the torch? Allow me to submit my own appeal for the creativity, involvement, and collaboration that this position invites. It is with a heavy heart that I let it go, and I encourage you whole-heartedly to apply for this wonderful experience. 8-12 hours per week
  5. Department of Music: Social Media & Marketing — Collaborate with Dr. Harris, Head of the Department of Music, to maintain Music Department social media pages, departmental websites, and print materials. 8-12 hours per week
  6. Office of Scholar Development — Meet with fellow students and advise them on the content and form of application materials for nationally competitive programs and scholarships, which includes holding weekly office hours and building knowledge of application requirements and funding agency priorities. Interns must be available throughout the semester to advise applicants
  7. Professional Writing Program Marketing — Collaborate with Dr. Rice, Professional Writing Advisor, to define and market the PW program to future students, including maintaining program social media accounts, bulletin board, and print materials. 8-12 hours per week
  8. Society for Values in Higher Education — Collaborate with Ms. McAllister, Director, to help improve and standardize the organization’s brand through promotional materials, social media presence, and the research of grant opportunities, among other general office tasks. 8-12 hours per week
  9. Create your own! — Follow instructions on the application form, providing a detailed description of the opportunity. Drs. Jones and Hale will review your application.

You can find more information about these opportunities on the WKU English Department Internship Program page here.

Still not convinced? Check out this advice from a recent intern:

Do it. Interning opens up so much more learning opportunities and allows for intellectual growth in a different way that school alone cannot provide. I have felt that interning was one of my best decisions here at WKU.

Taking advantage of English internship opportunities was also on our list of advice from WKU English alumni. Several members of the panel even held the Society for Values in Higher Education internship. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities!

To apply, download and complete the Internship Application Form. Then, save the form as a Word document and attach it to an email to Dr. Jones (angela.jones@wku.edu) by noon on Monday, Nov. 14.

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