Selections from the 2016 Zephyrus

Happy November!Β Here’s a selection from this year’s Zephryus, WKU’s journal of fine arts,Β to give you some poetic inspiration (and maybe a few laughs) to start your month off right.

Depending on how crazy your Halloweekend was (shhh, we won’t tell), you might even be able to relate to thisΒ poem about finding Jesus on a night out.

Blessed Are the Hippies
Haley Quinton

I met Jesus
in a urine-soaked alley
behind a bar last night.
He wore blue jeans
and looked Middle Eastern.
I’d always been told
to look for a white guy
with flowing hair
and a beauty pageant sash,
but I knew it was him.

He told me to beware
the leaven of the Pharisees.
I didn’t know what leaven was,
but even I knew enough
to stay away from Pharisees.

Then he said that the meek
shall inherit the earth,
and I liked the sound of that.
“Meek” made me think
of gentle and loving,
and I’d always felt pretty meek.

Then Jesus patted my shoulder,
looked me in the eye,
and said, “Peace, bro.”
I think he meant
“blessed are the peacemakers,”
but I couldn’t be sure


You can pick up your own copy of the 2016 ZephyrusΒ in the English Office, CH 135.

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