Classes, classes, classes, classes? An English major’s guide to registration

As the famed philosopher, Kanye West once said, “Classes, classes, classes, classes which one should I pick?”

Good question, Kanye, but didn’t you drop out of college?

The line is actually from the song “Facts” from West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, and is about choosing which couches — not classes — to include in his (theoretical) Yeezy Hotel.

Though you might not be ambitious enough to try to open your own hotel, choosing classes can be stressful enough. Priority registration for seniors and graduate students begins this Monday, October 31 — spooky, right?

To help alleviate your pre-registration anxiety, we consulted the wisdom of current English majors about their favorite English courses. Here are their suggestions of essential classes to take during your time at WKU.

VSCO Cam-1-3.jpg

ENG 476: Critical Approaches to Literature in the Secondary Curriculum
Dr. Lenoir

I love talking about books, and in this class I realized how much I love talking about how to teach books to high school students. Dr. LeNoir is really good at guiding student-led discussion, and we had a lot of fun in this class while learning how to be effective teachers. He is also very encouraging and provides great feedback for papers. I met one of my very best friends; she is also in the Professional Education program with me, so I am fond of this class for that reason, too! I left with a new appreciation for graphic novels and Holden Caulfield. — Sara Ann Alexander, senior EST major

ENG 306: Intermediate Poetry Writing
Dr. Hunley

I took this as a summer course so we met every day for three weeks. It was intense; imagine having a huge break up, a ton of bills, your parents leaving for the summer with minimal contact, and your son still screaming when you dropped him off at daycare… and getting to write about all those emotions for a grade, every day. It was really awesome, and Dr. Hunley knows his craft: poetry, and teaching poetry. He is really funny, and he makes people feel comfortable to be open in their work– and we were VERY open! — Sara Ann Alexander, senior EST major

VSCO Cam-3.jpg
ENG 466: Film theory
Dr. Hovet
Film Theory rekindled my passion for film by showing me the world unseen. And then:; experimental syntax of the collective unconscious, but like with movies (And Dr. Hovet is a brilliant Sun God). — Trent Marcum, Senior Film and English Literature major
ENG 391: Survey of American Lit 1
Dr. Hughes

For me its a no-brainer! I love this class for two reasons: it allowed me to actually learn about the history of my country in a way I had never thought of, and it introduced me to Dr. Hughes. Before taking this class, I couldn’t tell anyone anything about the history of my country because history texts present the information in such a boring way. Because the class used an anthology that included firsthand accounts of what was going on in America in things such as autobiographies, letters and things of that nature. I never fell asleep. — Katlan Bradley, EST major

VSCO Cam-2-2.jpg
ENG 370: Multicultural Lit in America
Dr. Lewis
I loved this class so much that I made sure to fit his Gay and Lesbian (LGBTQ) Lit class in before graduation! I love how prepared he is, and how he reviewed our class discussion each day before posing questions for the latest reading. Many professors do this often, but because each reading had so much to cover, Dr. Lewis’ recaps were so refreshing because they were so thorough, organized, and he looked at each person who brought up the topic. It felt awesome to be remembered during a discussion! He also gives awesome feedback on papers. I loved the books we read, particularly Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I have an Anthropology minor, so this class was a great way to read multicultural literature– it really lived up to its name for me. It would be awesome if there were more sections of this class! — Sara Ann Alexander, Senior EST Major

VSCO Cam-4.jpg

ENG 398: Hemmingway and Faulkner
Professor Rutledge

Professor Rutledge is one of my favorite professors, and I loved the authors we studied, but my favorite part were the trips we took. We got to go to Oak Park, Illinois and Oxford, Mississippi to see the authors’ respective hometowns, and it was such a neat opportunity. I still talk to friends I made in that class, and I recommend it to every English major. — Rachel Phelps, English lit major

If you can take it, do. Even if you dislike the authors (I did at first), you will leave the class with a passion from them due to Professor Rutledge’s teaching. He is insanely knowledgeable about both authors, and his lectures have been some of the most interesting I have had in my time in college so far. The class also takes two field trips (one to Oak Park and one to Oxford), which is a really big perk. — Emily Houston, sophomore English lit major

Click here to view a comprehensive list of WKU English courses and their descriptions.

Now that you know what classes to take, tune into First Floor Cherry next week for a quick and dirty registration guide along with some registration tips from the pros. Good luck!

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