2016 Undergraduate Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture

Have you ever wondered what professors do in their spare time? Well, we’re not quite sure. One thing we know for sure they do? Attend academic conferences.

More than just a blessed excuse for professors to occasionally cancel class, academic conferences provide academics with an opportunity to exchange their ideas and research in a public forum.

You can see what it’s like for yourself by participating in the 16th annual Undergraduate Conference on Literature, Language, and Culture.

The conference, hosted by the WKU English Department, celebrates the best of undergraduate student work from the past year and provides students with the unique opportunity to present their work in a forum of their peers, faculty, and the public.

Students are invited to submit a short (4-6 page) version of any paper they’ve written for a WKU English class anytime from last October to now. Graduate students in the English M.A. program evaluate the submissions and select up to fifteen participants.

Submissions are due on October 28 at 4:30pm to the English Office, CH 135.
Cover sheet and additional guidelines are available in the English Office.

At the conference, which will be held in Cherry Hall 125 on Friday, Nov. 18, students will read their papers as part of panels organized around similar themes.

The Undergraduate Conference is the only chance that English students at WKU have to share their analytical work in a public forum. It’s also an opportunity to experience a real conference, similar to what you may experience in graduate school or as a professional. It’s also a great opportunity to interact with other English majors and, of course, brush up on those public speaking skills.

Good luck!

Contact Dr. Ted Hovet ted.hovet@wku.edu or Dr. Christopher Lewis at christopher.lewis@wku.edu with any questions.

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