Leave your mark – BOOKmark, that is

English majors, now’s your chance to leave your mark.

WKU English is accepting quote submissions for this year’sย bookmark! All you have to do is submit an original quote (20 words or less) that describes your major, minor, or concentration in English.

Do you feel like you’ve found your home atย WKU English? Has it always been your dream to teach English as a second language? Are you hereย on a lifelong quest to rid the world of adverbs? Share it!ย We want to hearย from youย about how theย WKUย English experience shapes your past, present, and future.

For example, maybe you’re an English Literature major, and you feel like studying literature at WKU opens your mind to explore other worlds with open curiosity, deep empathy, and a critical eye. That’s pretty cool –ย and it’s exactly 20 words.

… Or maybe you’re a Creative Writing major, and you feel like WKU English has given you the power to shape the world around you through your words.

… Or maybe you’re even a Professional Writing major, like me! You might say that WKU English has taught you that words mean business. Every word counts, so count every word.

There are a few ways to enter:

  1. Submit your quote viaย Google Form.
  2. Post your quote directly on theย WKU Department of English Facebook
  3. Post your quote on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtagย #WKUEnglishBookmark.

Submissions are due on or by September 30th. Voting will take place on October 3rd.
Winner will receive English swag and have your quote published on our next bookmark – with the source cited, of course. The bragging rights are pretty cool, too.

Don’t miss your chance to leave your mark on WKU English.

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