Meet Hannah


Hello! My name is Hannah Good, and I will be your new author of First Floor Cherry for the 2016-2017 school year. Chelsea left some pretty massive shoes to fill, but with a bit of hard work, I hope to do her legacy justice. Her goal in reinventing the English Department weblog was to provide a resource for English student involvement in the department. I share that goal as well, and look forward to connecting the WKU English community in new ways.

First, allow me to introduce myself:

I’m passionate about strong rhetoric, civic engagement, well-curated Spotify playlists, art museums, and great hip hop music.

I’m a sophomore English Major here at WKU with a Professional Writing concentration and a Religious Studies double major. I am also a Gender & Women’s Studies Minor. Though the intersections of these disciplines may not be inherently obvious, the similarities are abundant.
Did you know, for example, that there are thousands of ancient manuscripts which contributed to the formation of the New Testament? Modern editions are making it possible to study these manuscripts in unprecedented scale and detail. It’s way cooler than it sounds – promise.

My long-term goals are to travel the world, read a lot of books, and make people think about the world differently. Afterwards, I’ll adopt a French Bulldog and retire as an eccentric recluse.

In addition to my internship with First Floor Cherry, I’m proud to be the copy editor of the WKU Talisman. See that comma in line three of our most recent article? All me.
I’m also proud to be a member of the Potter College Dean’s Council of Students. There, I work with a brilliant family of Potter College student representatives to spread the word about how great it is to study the arts at WKU. We’re the ones in the black polos at all the Cultural Enhancement Series events.

Something else you might not expect about me is that I’m a marathoner. Yep, that’s 26.2 miles. Last spring, I finished my first ever marathon with my best friend/big sister, Megan. We even got matching tattoos to celebrate. I’m currently training for my second half marathon and plan to complete my second full marathon in the spring. I’m also the founder and co-president of the brand new WKU Running Club.

I hope this introduction allowed you to get to know me, and I can’t wait to get to know you all in turn throughout the semester. So long for now!











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