Welcoming our New Faculty: Muay Thai Boxing Dr. Stickle

Before the start of last semester, Dr. Trini Stickle, originally from Tupelo, Mississipi, relocated, traveling with her Betta fish swimming safely in a take-out soup container, from Madison, Wisconsin to Bowling Green to teach for WKU.

Mini_me_ Stickle

Dr. Stickle in gif form.

Since working at WKU, Dr. Stickle has enjoyed the university’s “collegiality.” “I have felt welcomed by the faculty and have really enjoyed going to the events on campus and off,” she said. Dr. Stickle currently teaches at WKU’s Glasgow campus.

Dr. Stickle is excited to be teaching English 302, Language/Communications. She enjoys teaching syntax because she is able to incorporate aspects of sociolinguistics, ESL, and medical research on developmental and acquired issues. “All of which,” she said, “have an impact on a person’s grammatical competence.” A fan of Thomas Hardy, Dr. Stickle said she wished she could have named her daughter Tess, but due to what would have been an unfortunate combination with her last name, she could not.

Outside of teaching, Dr. Stickle cooks, bakes, enjoys working outside, and once practiced Muay Thai boxing. In addition to her Betta fish that journeyed cross-country in a to-go cup, she has two dogs named Waffles and Tav. Of her dogs, Dr. Stickle said, “Both came from traumatic backgrounds with all kinds of issues, but they are wonderful little companions.”

Before graduating high school, Dr. Stickle attended 13 different schools. And, so far, she has lived in 12 states. When asked where in the world she would choose to live, Dr. Stickle said, “I have lived all over and have learned that my home is wherever I have family, good friends, and something meaningful to do. In essence, every place is what you make it.”

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