Found in Dr. Hughes’s Mailbox


If you’ve been working in the English Department for a while–or maybe not a while, but at least longer than I have–you will know that it is a standard for Dr. Sandy Hughes’s mailbox to be full, well crammed.

Today, she, assisted by Will Hollis, took the daunting task to tackle the monster. What they found? Amiss a travel receipt from 2010, Christmas cards, and clippings, Dr. Hughes found an entire collection of Moby Dick cartoons.

Yes, Moby Dick cartoons. Two years ago, Dr. Hughes was mailed her former professor’s “Moby Collection.” Dr. Hughes stores this collection in her English office mailbox for safe keeping.

Today, we opened the envelop. If you like–or even dislike–Moby Dick, you might get a kick out of these cartoons. Photos of these and various other mailbox contents are contained in the slideshow below. Enjoy!

For clarification, in case you’ve let your Moby collection lag in recent years, it also includes various photos of whales.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After reviewing the contents of her mailbox, Dr. Hughes reduced the stack to a mere few envelops. We the office staff most certainly applaud and appreciate her hard work, especially now that we can put mail in there again!

Oh, and you’ll be happy to note that Dr. Hughes’s Moby Cartoon collection has been returned to its permanent home, her mailbox.



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  1. Tomi says:

    Fantastic post!


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