Welcoming Our New Faculty: Skydiving Dr. Knoll

gillian_knollIn August of this year, Dr. Gillian Knoll moved from Washington, D.C. to Bowling Green, KY. ย  The smaller-city life hasn’t been hard on her though as she adores the amount of living space and elbow room Bowling Green offers.ย When asked about her thoughts on WKU parking, she said that after the expensive hassle of parking in Washington, D.C. and Maryland, she has no complaints.

Outside of teaching, Dr. Knoll enjoys attending theatre performances, especially Shakespearean plays. A jack-of-all-trades, Dr. Knoll grew up acting, playing guitar and playing the piano. She continues to kickbox, practice yoga, and is considering starting upย a Cherry Hall fantasy football league, “if there are any takers in the English Department next year.” She is a fan of theย University of Michigan, where she attended undergrad,ย and the Baltimore Ravens.

FullSizeRender (1)Taking names from the sisters in Beverly Cleary children’s books, Knoll named her two “inseparable” cats Beezus and Ramona. Of her and her husband’s cats, Dr. Knoll said, “Sometimes when I’m grading my students’ work, Beezus will lay on the stack of papers so I’m forced to pet her. She has her clever moments!”

Shakespeare is Dr. Knoll’s favorite author to teach because of the range of interpretations students have when reading his work: “There are so many ways to play characters like Lady Macbeth, Cleopatra, Henry V, or Shylock, and I’m always excited when students start hearing the lines in different ways.”

IMG_0762Next semester Dr. Knoll will be teaching English 468, “Early Modern Literature.” This course will focus on Renaissance literature. Regarding the course, Knoll commented, “I’m especially looking forward to reading plays by earlyย modern dramatists who wrote during Shakespeare’s time. Crazy things happen in Renaissance plays, like cross-dressing, grave robbing, and bargaining with the devil, to name a few. It will be an action-packed semester!”

When asked aboutย the craziest thing she has ever done, Knoll answered skydiving for her 30th birthday: “I loved it, especially the free fall, and I would totally go again for my 40th!”

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